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About me

Born in Erbaa, Tokat, in 1986. I am one of the four children of Mr. Sadettin, a Cuman family, and Mrs. Fatma. I started my education life at Gazi Osman Paşa School in Erbaa. During my childhood, I attended Taekwondo and Football courses as an amateur. After completing secondary education at Erbaa, I graduated from the Science Department of Erbaa Coşkun Önder High School in 2003. After being accepted to Anadolu University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Public Administration in 2007, I graduated from Gaziosmanpaşa University in 2010 due to my interest in computers. I registered to Erbaa Vocational School Computer Programming department. I graduated from this department in 2012 and got into the Software Engineering department of the European University of Lefke, Faculty of Engineering, through vertical transfer. I graduated from the Department of Public Administration in June 2013. After graduating from the software engineering department in August 2015, I enrolled in the Thesis Computer Engineering master's program at the European University of Lefke in the fall semester of 2015. He left Lefke in January 2018. After enrolling in Gaziosmanpaşa University's Thesis Mechatronics Engineering Department and graduating in February 2022, I enrolled in Samsun University's Master's Thesis Software Engineering Department. Oma İplik A.Ş., where I started my business life in November 2021. I left because I was appointed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Working Life and Education


T.R. Ministry of Interior

  • Software Engineer


University of Samsun

  • Software Engineering with Master's Thesis


Gaziosmanpaşa University


Oma İplik A.Ş.

  • Software Engineer


Deneyap Türkiye

  • Tokat Software Technologies Trainer


European University of Lefke

  • Software Engineering


Anatolia University of Eskişehir

  • Public Administration


Vocational School of Erbaa

  • Computer Programming

  • Asp Net Core Mvc Course: Applied Projects from Start to Finish / Udemy
  • Become an Expert MATLAB Programmer / Udemy
  • White Hat Hacker Training Set / Udemy
  • Introduction to Cyber ​​Security / Udemy
  • Online Marketing Basic Training / Google
  • Basic Concepts of Information Technology / Profesyonel ve Kişisel Gelişim Platformu
  • Personal Information Security / Profesyonel ve Kişisel Gelişim Platformu